Bonifica Autocisterne Srl
Tank cleaning station in Piacenza, Italy

About Us

Tank Truck Reclamation is an equipped washing station providing professional and environmentally oriented services, ensuring the treatment and controlled discharge of industrial effluents.

The company is part of the national ALCI consortium and the European association EFTCO and issues ECD (EFTO Cleaning Document) cleaning certificates.

Plant information

Wastewater is treated directly by the parent company Iren Ambiente, conveying it directly to the treatment and purification center in the city of Piacenza.

The plant was designed, built and updated to be technologically up-to-date, choosing leading companies in the industry as partners.

Technical characteristics of the station.

Code of Ethics.

The Code of Ethics of Tank Truck Remediation can be found in the appropriate section [Code of Ethics](code of ethics.html)